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May 18, 2009
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Ms Marvel Steps 10 + 11 by davidyardin Ms Marvel Steps 10 + 11 by davidyardin
Steps 10. Clouds Foreground & 11. Clouds Background

Now that I'm finished rendering the figure I move on to addressing what I wanted to originally do with the clouds. Because I wanted to do the clouds in front and behind Ms Marvel's figure, I did this on two layers.

Basically the background layer was done using the cloud filter, and the transform perspective tool. I then repeated that several times over (in several layers), changing the depth of the perspective gradually each time. I then arranged all of those cloud filters in order to create a false perspective on one layer, then curved it slightly with the pinch tool. In general the background clouds are still kind of flat, but I left it since I was going to add more 3d looking clouds in the foreground. I also did a bit of over painting with the brush tool on this layer. I really like how that wisp of cloud trailing from her hand turned out; that was one of those happy accidents.

On the foreground clouds I just used the brush tool and made some selections with the lasso tool. I also used a little bit of the smudge tool to nudge some things in place.
the cloud filter always seemed to be TOO condensed for my tastes, I like how this turned out with the use of multiple layers and the altering with the transforming option, I think this is a pretty interesting way to make this work..... thanks for this.....
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