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I recently finished pencilling and inking a short X-Men story written by C. B. Cebulski, featuring Magik, which will be featured in X-Men: Divided We Stand Book 2, due out in May.

C. B. gave a little teaser…
about our secret Magik story a few days back.

If you want to order a copy, the solicitation info is below.


Exploring the fallout of Messiah CompleX, the second part of this collection of short stories follows some of our favorite mutants as they make their way in a world without the X-Men. And only those who adapt will survive. Featuring Beast, Dark Beast, Havok, Vulcan and Surge!

48 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

MAR08 2245


(NOTE: I was only assigned this story after solicitations went out, so our Magik story is not detailed in the solicitation copy... but don't let that stop you from ordering).
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I'll be a guest at Armageddon Expo in Christchurch on April 26th and 27th 2008. This will actually be my first visit to New Zealand, so I'm looking forward to it.  If you're in the area that weekend, swing by and say hi.

More details at Armageddon's website

P.s. I'm only there for a couple of days after the con, but if anyone has any suggestions for things to do in Christchurch, let me know.

P.p.s. Well looks like Intuos was the overwhelming choice from my last journal (not that I really thought it would be any different :laughing:), so I'll have to start looking around for one when I get some money together.
So I'm considering getting a Wacom tablet, either the Bamboo Fun Medium, or the Intuos3 in the equivalent size. From what I can see with the Intuos you get double the sensitivity, extra keys, tilt, option to use different pens. I'm thinking the tilt and different pens are only really going to be useful if I'm "painting" something. What about the sensitivity, are the differences that noticable? I don't mind paying extra for the Intuos, but is it worth the extra cash? :?

I had a quick try of the Bamboo small, which I didn't mind, was only really disappointed with the size, but the medium looks like it should be okay... Maybe I just need to find a shop which has both on display.
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The guys at Joffre Street Productions have uploaded the panel I did with Whilce at Supanova Pop Culture Expo last year in Sydney. We basically covered how I ended up being mentored by Whilce, some of the things Whilce taught me, and also the others who came up under him, plus we cover our current influences, and Whilce drops some anecdotes and some cool info throughout for upcoming artists. So check it out if you missed it the first time around:

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Click here if you're interested:

I'm only taking on a strictly limited number of commissions, so first in first served.
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...I'll be a guest at Supanova Pop Culture Expo this weekend, so swing by if you're in Sydney.

I'll be signing comics as per usual, and selling a few prints and sketches. I'll also be doing two talks on the weekend. One with my mentor Whilce Portacio which I believe is on the Saturday, and one with Chris Sequeira, W Chew Chan, and Stewart McKenny on the Sunday (unless they've changed the schedule :laughing:)

Details are all at
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Been a while since the last update... or any new art for that matter (will have to get on top of that). I've actually been really sick the last couple of weeks, and just flat out with everything else. Anyway just letting you know I'll be appearing at Supanova in Sydney Australia in October this year. Details are below:

Supanova Pop Culture Expo

The Dome - Sydney Olympic Park
Sydney Australia.

10am to 6pm October 13th and 14th 2007
Preview Night October 12th 6pm to 10pm – doors open 5.30pm

Tickets available shortly from Ticketek and at the door.

Visit Supanova's website for more details.

If you're planning on coming down, let me know below.
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On a bit of a Heroes kick lately, as can be evidenced from my gallery. Finally caught the season finale last week, but I'm not too sure how I feel about the ending. Will probably do a couple more sketches of the Heroes characters, but quite busy with work at the moment, so will probably get to them sporadically.

What's up with all the inkers? A couple of people downloaded the Storm pencils I put up, but I have yet to see any inks. Get to work you lazy bums! :laughing: Will have to get something up for the colourists to tryout too.

BTW what's everyone reading? Recommend me some comics.
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Thanks for all the response to my time-lapse Wolverine sketch video. I've added a link to a better resolution video, since YouTube pixelated the hell out of it when they processed the video, so hopefully the quality is a little better for viewing at fullscreen.

I've also got another video I'll be uploading (as soon as I edit it), of me working in Painter IX. I've had requests for tutorials, but I really don't have time to devote to that (plus I'm no expert :laughing:, but painter makes it easy to make these videos, since you can replay all the actions you took during your project through the scripts), but hopefully these videos give a bit of insight into my work process.
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Guys thanks for all the responses so far to the work I've been posting. I've uploaded three more pages, this time from the Black Panther/X-Men Crossover, Wild Kingdom, I did with Reginald Hudlin. That story was collected in TPB, so if you missed out on the single issues, hit your local comic shop, or bookstore, and look for Wild Kingdom (from Marvel of course).

Also if you missed the What If X-Men Deadly Genesis one shot, David Hine and I worked on, it was collected in the What If?... Event Horizon TPB (released last week I believe).

Edit: The third page I uploaded, Black Panther 8 p 19, wasn't showing up in my gallery for some reason, but I edited the category it was under, and now it's there. Check it out if you missed it before.
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Well, I've been getting a few requests for hi-res penils to ink, from all the budding inkers out there, so I've uploaded a few pages from the Storm mini-series I did with Eric Jerome Dickey.

Have fun.
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More details from the Kinokuniya website:

Free Comic Book Day
Saturday, 5 May 2007

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is just what the name implies. Anybody who asks will be given a FREE comic book* - no purchase necessary! Now in its 6th year, Kinokuniya is proud to be a part of this international event to help celebrate the FUN of COMICS, the JOY of STORY and the ART of STORYTELLING! (*selected titles and while stocks last).

Comics have taken the world by storm! With the success of movies such as 300, Sin City, Batman Begins, American Splendor and Spirited Away and the Heroes TV series and Naruto cartoon series, there's never been a better time to check out the original comics and manga which provided the inspiration!

Learn the secrets of storytelling with:

12.30pm - Panel: Up, Up and Away
Discover the secrets of storytelling in comics with two of Australia's rising stars!
・Nicola Scott: Comic Book Artist (BIRDS OF PREY, ANGEL)

2.00pm - Panel: Power Of One or Strength In Numbers?
Exploring the difference in Storytelling between the single image (Book Covers) and a sequence of pictures (Storyboards)
・Craig Phillips: Cover Artist/Illustrator (TOM SWIFT, GHOST SQUAD)
・W. Chew Chan: Storyboard Artist (SUPERMAN RETURNS, HAPPY FEET)

3.00pm - Guest of Honour - Panel: Brave New World
Explore the explosive new storytelling form that's taken the world by storm - MANGA!
・Queenie Chan: Australia's own Manga-ka (THE DREAMING)

Join in the fun as FCBD is also Kinokuniya's official "Dress-up As Your Favourite Superhero/Supervillian Day"!

For more information on FCBD, please visit
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I will be appearing at Kinokuniya in Sydney Australia, Saturday 5th May 2007, for Free Comic Book Day.

Books Kinokuniya
Level 2
The Galeries Victoria
500 George Street
Sydney 2000
NSW Australia

T: (02)9262-7996

I believe I'll be doing a talk with Nicola Scott that day, and probably doing some quick signings too. More details to follow.
I'll be appearing as a guest at Supanova Brisbane this weekend. Come check it out if you're in the area.


April 13-15, RNA Showgrounds
Gregory Terrace, Brisbane

More details at Supanova's website: